Thursday, 21 August 2014

July Top Fblogger Picks

July has been a great month for outfits and I decided to choose looks based on my body shape and what I would choose to wear. All three are quite different looks that sum up my different style tastes; sophisticated, vintage and sexy.


First up is the sophisticated look for VIXPO run by Victoria India. She seems to have weight demons from reading her posts but I feel she has nothing to worry about and always looks fab. She describe herself as:
I like cups of tea, bubble baths, orange chocolate and bargains

Keiko Lynn

Next is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Her photos are stunning, her posts are quick and to the point and she has some great tutorial content. She is also massive in the fashion blogging world so you have more then likely heard of her. Keiko Lynn. She doesn't really need a introduction just take a moment to admire this stunning vintage dress.

Sexy Naught Bitchy

Finally we have Nery Hdez from Sexy Naught Bitchy. She oozes sex appeal and photographs her outfits in some stunning locations. She is a spanish beauty with a great love for stand out dresses. She has a little statement on her blog about her blog name:

'Be Sexy
Be Naughty
Be Bitchy
Don't be Afraid'

Those are my July top picks, hope you enjoyed. Not to rub it in but hopefully I will be sipping on a cocktail by the pool in Ibiza while you read this. Don't worry the weekend is nearly here.

Friday, 15 August 2014

George Leopard Print Jumpsuit OOTD

Leopard print can be a tricky one to make look classy. You don't want to look like your overwhelmed in print and trying to do a Tarzan impression so it needs to be simple and in a classic cut. In steps the George at Asda jumpsuit; sophisticated, comfortable and stand out.

OOTD Details

Leopard Print Jumpsuit*- George at Asda
Floppy Hat- £5 eBay
Crochet Jacket- £3 eBay
Satchel Bay- £5 Primark
Cleated Heels- £12 Primark

I was asked to style this jumpsuit so I went for a summer theme, however throw a roll neck jumper underneath and add some chunky boots and it will be a great autumn piece as well. If you look closely you can see a new addition to my left hand. It has been a very exciting week and tomorrow I am off to Ibiza. The jumpsuit is already packed in my case. I am going to schedule a couple of posts but it will be pretty quiet round here for a bit. Hope you all have a lovely Friday.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

TK Maxx, Primark, Summer Dresses OOTD

Fields full of corn and poppies, the sun beaming heat on your face, afternoon walks in secret places and summer dresses that let the cool breeze brush against your legs.

OOTD Details

Lol's Summer Dress- Primark
Rox's Summer Dress- TK Maxx
Sian's Summer Dress- TK Maxx

Summer dresses come in many shapes and patterns but always create a warm happy feeling when put on. Each one of our dresses is a different design but all have a flowing detail that suit a variety of shapes and sizes. These photos are some of my favourite I have taken to date, what a beautiful location. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Secret Garden Party

Hidden by trees is a magical place filled with enchanting stages exploding with variety of music genres, an array of food to fulfil you every hunger need, where glitter is a must and fancy dress is a necessity. Secret Garden Party is a small festival with a big heart.

The girls!

First try of bubble tea...yummy

Kyla La Grange

Paint Party

Rosie Lowe

The Secret Sunflower Garden

Check out Secret Garden Party for the professional photos, it will really show you what a magical place it is. I have added a playlist of some of the wonderful people I got to see, enjoy.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Festival Flower Garland OOTD

Festival hair can be a chore, you want something that isn't going to help build up those hot flushes but still doesn't look like you have just slicked you hair back. Flower garlands or crowns are the answer and for some people who are scared to wear them normally, festivals are a great reason to venture out and plant one on your head.

Festival Flower Crown OOTD Details

Top- £4 Primark
Flower Garland- £3 Primark (similar here)
Skirt- £5 New Look (sale)
Crop Top- Primark (old)
Boots- Primark (old)

Paige has gone for a casual skirt outfit using her hair and crown as the focus. The top is light and airy, perfect for a sweaty tent. She is the only one out of Rox, Lol and I wearing proper sensible shoes for a festival, ones that you don't mind if they break, get muddy or so damaged you can never wear them again. That is the last of the festival outfits, however I did shoot a little lookbook vid at the same time so expect that to pop up soon. If I have scheduled everything correctly it should be Sunday and my last day of secret garden party, cry. Hope you enjoyed the festival themed posts.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Festival Coord OOTD

You want something to make you stand out from that festival crowd, it can't be to daring and has to be on trend. What better then a coord? It's a must have this season and the right set can make a festival outfit so much more.

Festival Coord OOTD Details

Coord- DIY was a dress (plenty here)
Sandals- eBay (old)
Flower Crown- £2 eBay
Denim Jacket- £4 Vintage

I have gone for a very girly outfit compared to Rox and Lol. I wanted a matching coord I know no one else would have, so what better way then to create it yourself. The denim jacket helps to toughen it up and I will be spotting my DM's instead of sandals on the day, just because I can. They will also help if the heavens start to open. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Festival Fedora OOTD

You've been dancing in a festival field with the sun beaming on you for a few days now. The hair is beginning to look unloved and sorry for itself. What can you do to still remain a fashionable bunny but cover those dirty roots? A fedora of course, the hat that is known for it's festival coolness.

Festival Fedora OOTD Details

Fedora Hat- £12:99 H&M
Shorts- £5 Primark
Finge Top- £6 Primark
Shoes- £8 Primark
Vest- H&M (old)

Lol's look like Rox's just screams festival but this time with a monochrome appeal. A hat is essential to pack for that last day of your festival (especially if it's a 4 day one), and a fedora just seems to look so much better then any other style.