Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Festival Fedora OOTD

You've been dancing in a festival field with the sun beaming on you for a few days now. The hair is beginning to look unloved and sorry for itself. What can you do to still remain a fashionable bunny but cover those dirty roots? A fedora of course, the hat that is known for it's festival coolness.

Festival Fedora OOTD Details

Fedora Hat- £12:99 H&M
Shorts- £5 Primark
Finge Top- £6 Primark
Shoes- £8 Primark
Vest- H&M (old)

Lol's look like Rox's just screams festival but this time with a monochrome appeal. A hat is essential to pack for that last day of your festival (especially if it's a 4 day one), and a fedora just seems to look so much better then any other style.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Festival Tassel OOTD

It's festival season and the blogosphere is full of outfit ideas to attend music events in a potential muddy field. There's one item we can rely on to show it's face around this time of year, the tassel fringe. It makes an OOTD instantly more interesting and gives a summer vibe even if the heavens have opened.

OOTD Details

Denim Shorts- New Look (old)
Crop Top- £8 Topshop
Tassel Top- New Look (similar)
Hat- £3 Primark
Sliders- Scholl (old)

Rox's look is an ideal festival OOTD, comfy denim shorts, a pop of colour from the crop top, a straw hat to hide away the dirty locks and that tassel top to glide through the beer tent with. Festival fashion is going to be popping up all week on the blog, as the girls I am heading to secret garden party with share one of their looks with you.

Friday, 18 July 2014

June Top FBlogger Picks

I always like to recap on some of my fav looks or new blog finds from the last month around this time. June FBlogger picks include two bloggers from Germany as well the lovely Jess based in the UK. Like always, these FBloggers each have their own distinctive style.

Wolf in the City

Wolf in the city is run by Jess 'who refuses to stop until she is known for being a writer'. Her blog posts are written perfectly and for someone who struggles with the written word I envy how easily and flawlessly her blog reads. Her style is very accessible, she does not blog about items I cannot afford but always adds her personal touch to it, whether it be a stand out print or some killer shoes.

Dear Miss Coco

Dear Miss Coco is run by Laura an 18 year old from Germany. She has this cute, teenage style going on but with a great sense of majority. It's very much about building simple pieces together, she doesn't like to over complicate her looks and I really envy that.


Overdivity is run by Anai from Hamburg. I have been following her blog for a while and just adore her photographs. She chooses beautiful, intriguing, unique back drops that really help to emphasise her looks. Her looks are always so planned out and she oozes coolness from head to toe. This particular look is so on trend and highlights her style perfectly.

So those are my picks from last month. Have you found any outfit posts or new blogs you fallen in love with?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Olivia Burton Watch Collection

My friend Lol sent me an image of a watch she was lusting after from Olivia Burton and told me to have a look at their collections. I did, and I fell in love. Their watch collection is just exquisite, very subtle in design and have a beautiful elegance about them, not only are they pleasing to the eye but they are also kind to the bank at affordable prices. I decided to put together two wish list outfits, one based on the watch Lol has on her wish list and an outfit round her style and the other on mine. First lets find out a little bit about who Olivia Burton are.

Olivia Burton

"Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings are the duo behind the brand. Having met on their first day at London College of Fashion they both have extensive experience in the fashion industry, formerly buying for the likes of Selfridges and ASOS. When they couldn’t find a watch that fulfilled their need for style, Olivia Burton London created their own. Inspired by vintage and catwalk the collection is distinctive, contemporary and fun."

Olivia Burton Animal Motifs

This look is based around Lol's style and I was not surprised to see that she loved the 'Animal Motifs' Olivia Burton watch with the hummingbird image on (hummingbirds are kinda her thing). The Sheinside dress highlights Lol's style for simple cuts but with intricate detail from the lace. To emphasise the vintage strap theme from the watch the Topshop cut out boots and Cambridge Satchel do the job perfectly. This look is a great summer staple.

Olivia Burton Modern Vintage

For my look I used the title of the Olivia Burton watch 'Modern Vintage' to inspire me, I wanted to go for a very modern look but with classic style. The Choies dress has a very classic cut with it's midi length but an added casualness through the t-shirt looking top. The eBay bag is simple and works well with the Sophie Webster shoes as it leaves all the emphasis on them. This is a great monochrome day to night look and I so wish I could afford those shoes.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Homemade Two Piece OOTD

OOTD Details

Two Piece- Homemade (Miss Guided have loads of lovely ones)
Slip Ons- £4 Primark
Sunglasses- £2 eBay
Necklace- £2 Primark

Mmmmm do you think I held my sunglasses a bit to much in these photos? Whoops. This two piece used to be a boring shapeless dress and I turned into a co-ord that I cannot stop wearing. It is becoming my summer go to look. The slip ons are the must have shoe of the summer, I also got them in the pale pink perfect for when I'm chilling by the pool (5 weeks and counting). Glenn took these photos again, he is getting so good. The close up of me I didn't have to crop he framed it so nicely. Hope you are all enjoying the heat, it's going to rain tomorrow...sad face.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Natasha Khan YMC Collection

I am a massive Bat for Lashes Fan (if you don't know who I am taking about and love enchanting music you need to check her out) so got a little over excited when I saw her collection for YMC has now been released.


YMC are a clothing brand I had not come across, until I knew about the collaboration with Natasha. YMC stands for You Must Create and they are a London based brand that describe themselves as creating "modern, functional clothing which eschew trends in favour of understated, wearable style."
Their clothes have this great simplicity about them with regards to shape but embed some stand out patterns.

The Natasha Khan Collection

Natasha has this great free spirited style going on so I expected some form of extravagant pattern from her collection and I was not disappointed. She has included monochrome pieces as well as multi coloured items that remind me of tropical prints. I was pleasantly surprised to find these awesome lace ups and a baseball cap. Although the cap is not my thing I am in love with the jumpers and shoes. The lookbook has this very popular 90's feel with the raw gritty film photos and I feel they really complement the style of items she has created. Now, I just need to find a money tree.

Images taken from the Bat for Lashes Facebook page.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Discovered Marketplace

What is Discovered?

I recently received an email about an online marketplace called Discovered. At first I wasn't really interested because there are so many online marketplaces, but then I read more into what it was about and found myself intrigued by what they offer. Discovered describes themselves as:

"an online marketplace where artisans from upcoming markets sell their products directly to consumers worldwide by opening their own shops. It is a community connecting artisans and consumers and takes you on a journey around the world from your own home"

They currently have six countries on the marketplace including India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Mexico. This means some of the items are extremely unique. I found myself looking at items that would be ideal to have round my home. As much as I love places like The Range and Matalan I do love to have items I know no one else is going to have. I have created a mood board based on some of my favourite finds from all of the different categories on their site. Make sure you check Discovered out because if you like items that tell a story, scream culture and like to stand out then it is definitely for you.

My Top Pick Discovered Items.

I have a lot of holiday coming up so I am planning on doing a lot of posts over the summer and will hopefully be shooting some more videos, watch this space.