Friday, 23 January 2015

Pkai Hair Peterborough Wella Instamatic*

In between Christmas and New Year I visited Pkai hair with my friend Rox to try out their new Instamatic Wella colours. As I have my hair a certain way at the moment I didn't want to change it so brought Rox along to try out the dye. This also made it so much easier for me to document what was going on, so this post is quite picture heavy and there will be a video to follow next week.

You can see from the before and after images that it added this really nice tone to Rox's hair. She chose the smokey amethyst colour from the instamatic selection, but as you can see from the image below they have such a great choice of pastel colours.

The first step was to lighten up Rox's hair this was done through highlights. Once her hair had lightened it was washed and blow-dried until it was 90% dry.

You can already see how much her hair has lightened up in the image above. Once her hair was 90% dry the instamatic colour was applied. The dye was then left to dry under their drying machine for about twenty minutes.

Once Donna was happy with the colour she washed it out and fully dried Rox's hair. To style up her hair Donna used the GHD curve to add some waves. Pkai hair sell GHD products so make sure you pop in and see what they have to offer.

You can see how the colour has really taken to the lightened strands. It gives the hair a mauve highlighted look. If you wanted an all over colour you hair would need to be taken to a very white state for a real pastel tone. Pkai hair offer a wide variety of hair colours, so it you want something to stand out or just a subtle change make sure yo check them out.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Daisy Duke ft Motel Rocks & New Look

Outfit Details

Dress- £20 Motel Rocks (sale and not in stock anymore, similar here)
Jacket- £15 Vintage
Boots- £20 New Look (sale)
Choker- £1:50 Primark
Crop Top- £3 Primark

This daisy dress is one of those go to pieces. It speaks for itself and is so easy to style up, I cannot wait to turn it into a summer look with flatform sandals and strappy crop tops. These boots are the one and only thing I was able to buy in the sales thanks to a Christmas voucher. They are real leather, reduced from £65 and super comfy. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Vintage Suitcase Side Table

I have completed my first vintage suitcase DIY for our home so I thought I would share it with you, it's super easy but looks so effective and stylish.

To turn the case into the table you just simple add a plank of thick hard wood inside to strengthen it and then drill through it to attach the table legs, it's as simple as that. To make the table legs more interesting I followed a simple decoupage tutorial online. There are so many and it is literally PVA glue, thin paper or I used decoupage napkins (loads on ebay, the ones I used are here) a paint brush and time. I found it easy to do the legs in sections because of the shape of them and paint the glue on the legs rather then the napkins. You need to pull away the top layer of the napkin (there is normally 3 layers) discard the other two and then cut it up into strips. The napkin layer is very delicate so take your time when sticking it on. Once I had covered the whole of the leg I then painted over the top with the PVA glue. I am also going to varnish over the top of them to prevent ware and keep them nice and shiny. I now have an interesting feature in my front room that I just love. 

Enjoy your weekend lovely people and happy decoupaging if you give it a go. I've already planned out my next decoupage project.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Friday, 2 January 2015

Urban Granny ft Primark and Nike

Well happy new year people, hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I am back with an outfit post shot at an awesome location by the lovely Eric.

Urban Granny Outfit Details

Skirt- £3 Primark
Beanie- £1:50 Primark
Jumper- £5 Vintage
Coat- £25 TFNC (similar)
Shoes- £85 Nike (from SportsShoe*)

Urban granny is an outfit I seem to feel the most at home in. A baggy tee or jumper with a floaty midi skirt and a beanie on my head just makes me feel comfortable. Instead of the trainers it's normal some boots but as I was exploring around these deserted buildings I felt trainers was the best option. My collection of vintage jumpers and midi skirts is growing and although the colours in this look all clash with me hair I actually still feel it works. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Eve Links Round Up!

Christmas Jumper- £10 Primark Mens Section
Image from Instagram

I have never done a links round up before, so I thought I would give a festive theme one a go. I have been throughly enjoying all things Christmassy online and I thought I would share some of my favs.

First up is this frangipane mince pie recipe. I made some of these and although didn't follow the instructions exactly (used flaked instead of ground almonds, I think a mixture of both would be best) they still seemed to go down pretty well. People were polite enough to ignore the burnt sugared edges. I would definitely make these again.

Next up is this post from  The Cool Hour of a Christmas jumper lookbook from Dolls Kills. The lookbook is so 90's and the jumpers are some I would love to add to my Christmas jumper collection. Which is a measly 3, slowly growing.

I am going to try this snowflake nail art tutorial today, just on one finger mind you not got the patience to do it on all of them. If is goes well you will see a pic on Instagram.

This awesome makeup round up from Keiko Lynn will be used on Christmas morning to help create my Christmas day face. I always find her make up tutorials so easy to follow.

So those are some of the links I have been loving. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I will be back soon with some outfit posts.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Vague OOTD

Here is the second part of last weeks outfit post, this time concentrating on my OOTD. My candy floss coat has firmly become a staple item in my coat collection. It adds a colourful layer to my monochrome looks.

OOTD Details
Coat- £20 eBay
Cut Out Boots- £55 River Island 
Skirt- New Look (from sister)
Vague Top- £3 Primark

This outfit is very simple but because of the vague print cartoon top I didn't want it to be to busy. It's comfy and the gold zip matched the gold buckle on my shoes, it's the little things that satisfy me. You may see a lack of outfit posts on my blog for a while now. I have a lot going on personal life wise and with freelance work that I am struggling to fit taking photos in. I am hoping in the new year for things to brighten up and I can get back to posting more regularly, but at the moment other things are taken priority. Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

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